Newborn Photographer – How do you choose?

Newborn Photographer – How do you choose?!

So, You are pregnant or just had a new beautiful baby, you are excited and want to capture this amazing time in your little ones life so you set to work looking for a Newborn photographer.

Maybe you ask online for recommendations on facebook or you have friends who used a Newborn photographer,
Either way I think a lot of people get overwhelmed when knowing HOW to choose someone.

Do you go with looking at what their images are like on their website and facebook page?
Or do you go with who your friend/family used?

This VERY important task of finding the right person must be so daunting as a New mum, I know when I am looking for something to purchase I spend hours researching and sometimes still walk away not having a clue who to book with as there is so much choice!!

So I thought I would give you a little insight as to what a Newborn shoot with me is like, I hope you find them helpful 🙂

My most important fact would be that I am trained in Newborn Safety by one of the Countires leading Newborn photographers and trainers, I’ve since trained with other photographers and continue to expand my knowledge every day.
We all know how to hold babies and how to look after them, most of us will already be mums ourselves but in the world of Newborn photography this isn’t enough.

As a Newborn photographer we will be putting babies into positions that we wouldn’t normally in everyday life and with this we need to know a lot more than just how to hold a baby, For example.. The three images you will see above, The first is called the Froggy pose.

Not ALL babies will be sleepy enough to do this pose so it’s not something I personally try and get at every shoot.
It depends if I feel baby will be comfortable going into that pose, if mum and dad like it (It’s not for everyone) and if I feel it’s safe to do so.
The most important thing about this particular photo is that it is a COMPOSITE, 2 or 3 images taken with mum or dad holding baby AT ALL TIMES in a safe position and then the parent is removed using photoshop (Keep an eye out for my blog post on Composite images coming soon 🙂 )

So let me talk you through a few little things about me and the shoot…

I am completely mobile so I come to your home with all of my equipment and you don’t need to worry about a single thing! – I am based in Ely, Cambridgeshire but do travel county wide 🙂

My clients LOVE this aspect of my little business so much because it means they don’t have to leave the house so soon after giving birth, Don’t have to remember to pack everything to take with them to a photography studio
(we all know how hard it is just to get a New baby dressed!! – What’s with the poppers that always leave you with one left over?)
You don’t have to worry about how you’ll be feeling on the day (I remember the first few weeks as a New Mum and it’s HARD!!)
And if Dad has had to go back to work you won’t need to worry about driving to a studio or getting someone to take you if you are unable to drive.

My clients are relaxed and happy as they are in their own home, some mums even stay in their PJ’s and just take this time to totally relax, put their feet up with a cuppa and have a lovely natter to me while I work.
I can work in a small space as I only need room for a medium size beanbag and a plug socket close by for my light and heater and that’s it.

I find that being mobile for second, third or Fourth time mums is a real life saver too, lots of my clients tell me that they wanted Newborn photos and an image of the siblings together but were also really worried about how the older one (s) would be in a studio for up to 4 hours so having someone mobile come to them was the right choice for them and their other children.
Most children can carry on playing with their own toys, have lunch, take a nap or even come and help me with baby (lots of them do which is so lovely)

I do always encourage any personal items to be given to me so I can include them in the images too, Some people might have a teddy sent from a great grandmother, something their other child has gifted to their new baby brother/sister or even a blanket that was mum or dads when they were a baby, all things that I love to see in photos to make them so personal.

My sessions are 100% baby led and this is why I only photograph one Newborn per day and I allow plenty of time so baby will be able to have cuddles, be changed, fed and have whatever they need with no pressure of running out of time.

After the shoot is finished I will edit all of your beautiful photos and upload them to an online, private gallery for you to view and select the ones you wish to purchase, This takes between 7-10 days 🙂 Once you’ve chosen your images they will be posted out to you to keep and treasure forever!

I hope this has given you a little insight into how I work as a Newborn photographer and maybe given you some ideas on what you might like from your photographer whether it may be a Studio or Home session.

Lots of my lovely clients have already left their reviews for me which you can find just by searching for me on google to give you more of an idea of how my clients feel working with me.

Also please feel free to message me via Facebook  or email: info@sterling-photography  with any questions you have and I’ll be more than happy to answer them!

Lots of love,

Kelly Xxx