Little Miracle Sonny

Little Miracle.

A while ago I was going through facebook as you do, and I came across a story about a lady named Emma and her husband Nick. They had been trying for a little one for quite some time and had a number of pregnancies that unfortunately didn’t go as planned. They never gave up hope that one day they would have their own little miracle and had now embarked on their IVF journey.

Their story really hit me hard as I was sat at home with my two beautiful, healthy children and it really resonated with me that no matter how we think life will pan out we just are never guaranteed anything.

I followed Emma on Instagram and was so pleased to know that after a failed attempt they did indeed get their very own little miracle, Sonny born on the 8th July 2019.

I reached out to them and asked if they would like some Newborn photos of Sonny to celebrate their happy ending to a rough start into parenthood, Emma was so sweet in her reply and accepted my offer.

I went to meet them all on what felt like one of the hottest days of the year, we were all so hot and bothered, Sonny however was chilled, relaxed and just enjoying all the extra cuddles. He was absolutely amazing for me, sleeping through countless doggy barking episodes and even when the smoke alarm was going off!

We managed to get some beautiful photos of him, and some special ones just for Mum that included personal items belonging to Sonny’s Nan Xx

There is a particular image I like to get with Dad’s hands and Sonny had a little surprise in store for his daddy LOL! If you have a look at the black and white photo with Nick’s hands, just notice the smirk on Sonny’s face! I think you can guess what he was thinking, hahahaha!!!

I am so happy I got to meet them all and give them the priceless memories of Sonny’s first few days. I hope you all enjoy your images, and so many best wishes for the future with your darling little boy.

Lots of love,

Kelly Xxx

If you have any questions about Newborn photography, please feel free to message me 🙂