Isla – Capturing a family’s journey

Isla – Capturing a family’s journey

As always, I share a preview image (where parents allow) of all my sessions and this time it just didn’t feel right to just post one single image, The reason for that is Callan and Tania, the two you can see in the images above, chose me to capture the most amazing times in their lives and for that I am eternally grateful.

Getting to share in their joy as they got engaged and then married was amazing and a real honour, I alway think how lucky we are as photographers to be able to watch people get married, It’s such a personal time in their lives and one that only close family and friends get to witness, so for me I just find it such a privilege !

Almost a year later I received a message to say that they were expecting!! Isla (They already had the name picked out) was even due on their Anniversary, How fantastic is that?!

Arriving at their home for the maternity shoot I was so pleased to see so many of my photographs displayed on their walls and in frames everywhere, it was lovely. I think we have images on a USB or on our phones nowadays but we don’t print them enough (me included) so I was really happy to see that they had.

We captured their maternity photos outside in the town where they live, and I’m sure once Isla is old enough she will enjoy feeding the ducks there and running over the bridge where mum stood pregnant with her on their way to the park. Parenthood is just so amazing and an adventure I know they are going to enjoy so much together.

I loved meeting Isla at her newborn shoot and having my cuddles as I do with all my babies that I photograph, it was just so lovely for me to see their family complete after documenting their most precious moments. Isla was a little superstar and literally woke once to see what what going on and then went right back to sleep and bonus, no one got wee’d on! hahaha

Photography for me is a journey, I ADORE being able to capture the early days for you, and I love knowing that one day the babies I photograph, like Isla, will look back on their childhood pictures with their children as we do with ours!

Thank you all so much for entrusting me with your memories!!

Lots of love,

Kelly Xxx

Here are some photos of a very special little girl <3 Xx